Decima Avenida # 1785 Street, Placilla Oriente, Valparaiso, Chile.

Ship Chandler Quintero

Our target is customer satisfaction as the target, the best products at the best prices and under the best conditions to offer you is very important for us, Ship Chandler Quintero plan to work with our customers not a one-time lifetime.

Every day except Saturday and Sunday, Ship Chandler Quintero supply fresh vegetables and fruits daily. Our frozen products are used for at least 3 months and high quality products are being replaced.

Machinery and deck materials are carefully examined your demands and then as a point shot at one time your products are delivered to the ship and Ship Chandler Quintero keep the exchange rates at a minimum level.

You can easily access all kinds of publications and the most up-to-date and confirmed maps and NTM publications are instantly supplied.

Ship Chandler Quintero serve you in the supply of all kinds of electrical and machine parts, we have a lot of quality and many kinds of stocks. Even many companies claiming to do the same work with us are supplying you through us.

You have found the best place for your supply needs right now, Ship Chandler Quintero are at the best point where you can get the best products at the best prices.

You can contact us at any time for any kind of supply needs, Ship Chandler Quintero will be honored to work with you