Decima Avenida # 1785 Street, Placilla Oriente, Valparaiso, Chile.

Ship Chandler Valparaiso

We take the opportunity to introduce our well known company “Ship Chandler Valparaiso”

Ship Chandler Valparaiso’s extends its experience and reputation among the Ship Owners & Managers by offering a solution provider for your Ship Supply demands throughout the world.

Our commitment for a Reliable and Cost Effective Ship Supply Solutions is repeated by our extensive owned network of local Ship Chandlers in the ports your ships call.

For each port Ship Chandler Valparaiso have a franchised company as part of our group, we make sure our customers will get the highest service arranged by our Supply desk, they will instruct all local offices and take care of a clear delivery to your ships in the most ports.

You have to deal only with our specialists from the supply desk.

We makes it easy for you to have:

1.                   one contact for all deliveries.

2.                   one invoice from one company only.

3.                   most competitive prices due to our volume as group in the most ports.

Our market experience proves the importance of co-operation and endeavor to work with efficient and dependable ship chandlers from all over the world. As a part of our extensive service network we are ready to work with you to simplify your daily tasks.

With our service we make the difference between Ship Chandler Valparaiso’s and our competitors, You are not a number…. Ship Chandler Valparaiso prefer a personal touch, that make us strong and competitive.

In our hometown Ship Chandler Valparaiso are specialized in physical warehousing for Ship spares, Ship Chandler Valparaiso have contracted 2 barges for deliveries where the needs arises as the regulations are changing in Valparaiso

Ship Chandler Valparaiso Supply: 

Provisions, Bonded Stores, Deck, Engine, Stationery, Medicines, Paints, Lub Oils, Chemicals.

Please contact with us all kinds ship requistions